We are enthusiastic about entrepreneurs and passionate teams pursuing their dreams. We bring together Startups Uniandinos looking for investment and Uniandinos investors & investors living outside Colombia with the capital, contacts and knowledge to help them succeed.


Connecting Uniandinos Entrepreneurs & Global Alumni Angels Network.


Si eres una startups fundada o cofundada por un Uniandinos y cumples las siguientes condiciones postúlate:

We target Uniandinos Startups

Current Traction

$5K + mounth revenue, or -/+ $100K annual revenue.

Current Round Size

$500K - $700K total. Pre-seed & Seed round investments

Growth Opportunity

We target business that can scale to $100M + in value.

Founder and team

At least one Uniandino in the team. One Full-time founder working Other full-time employees or contractors

Prior Funding

Less than $750K in prior outside investment.